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A Welcome from Nazeer Kahut

This is my official trilingual(English,Urdu and Punjabi)website meant to promote and advocate the Punjab and Punjabi cause,share knowledge and create awareness.I want it to be useful,informative and interesting, a place where you can find information about my books,research,activism,read my blogs/ columns and articles.I will,through my writings and occasionally with the help of short videos,though mostly in Punjabi,share my viewpoint,highlight and speak up on the crucial national,sociopolitical,linguistic, cultural and human rights issues and challenges facing 21st century Punjab and Punjabi.Furthermore,my viewpoint is that of a native who has been directly involved in Punjabi movement for decades.My Punjabiyat and my religion teaches me to preach and practice freedom,liberalism,tolerance,justice, ,brotherhood,humanity and equality.I strongly condemn all forms of discrimination,violence,intolerance,exploitation,injustice,inequality,nepotism,corruption,bigotry, illetracy,hypocrisy,extremism and terrorism prevailing in today’s Punjab and elsewhere in the world. I have big dreams about Punjab,Punjabi language to accomplish but life is too short. Threrefore.I decided to share my dreams,my ideas with like minded people through this website,in order to get support ,and strength to achieve success.Your Questions and Your Comments  are welcome.I hope,you will enjoy this website.Thanks for visiting.“Jeewey Punjab”